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Hosting/Domain Transfer; Save Money

Are you paying too much for web hosting? Are you struggling for uptime or are you just not getting the service that you expect for your money?

I have put this package together because a lot of my customers have had problems with their hosting companies. I myself used to own a hosting company, I know the business and I think there is no reason why you should pay more than necessary.

So how do you save money?

Well you can save money starting with the "Domain Registrar". The original prices were and in some cases are still US$35/year with no or only little options to manage it. Then the less expensive registrars came into the spotlight (e.g. DirectNic) charging only US$15/year with great management panels. Last but not least the really cheap registrars took over the internet world and one of the better known is How about paying only US$8.95/year for your domain?
The transfer is free, but you have to purchase the first year immediately.
Tip: Do it close to the expiration date of your "Domain Name" registration. It will save you money.

Now the next big saver is your hosting package. It is time to be honest. More then 80% of my existing customers pay too much for what they need…Period.
Why would you pay US$25 or even US$50/month if all you need is 20MB of hosting space a little bit of scripting support (e.g. cgi), 10 email accounts and of course stability?
Have you done your homework? There are tones of hosting companies operating out of their home on no redundant and slow internet connections, no backup system and so on. Do you get the picture? Infrastructure is the most crucial ingredient in this industry. Do you want a reliable Hosting Company? Make sure to ask were his servers are.

Maybe that sounds familiar. It happened to me a couple of times that at 2 o'clock in the morning I had a problem with logging into my FTP account. I needed to get a hold of the Hosting Company, but unfortunately nobody was there at this time. So another important question is can you reach them 24/7?

Well, some businesses require a very close relationship with the Hosting Company, especially when they have their own servers (Co-Location). Local companies with a good reputation are the best option here. However the average small business does not need to have the Hosting Company in its vicinity. The only thing that matters is uptime, good service and of course a good price. Now you ask me who I would recommend! Well, I host almost all of my customers with because of their exceptional hosting service. The package includes everything a small and a large website requires and their support service and their uptime have left me with no doubt about a professional run business. Just considering the price of US$99/year that's about US$8.25/month for the whole package was and is very intriguing to me. They have set a very high standard in the industry. Are they the one that you need? This depends on what operating system you need. There are Linux and Windows servers. Most websites run on both systems. It is usually the script, e.g. complex Cgi-script and/or shopping-cart-script, which will define what way you have to go.

Now you should not take my word for granted. I am actually inviting you to do your own little research and make an educated decision.

What is in for me?

As a small business owner you have your expertise and so have I. You could do all by yourself or you could hire me to do it for you.
What I propose is a win-win situation. I will get paid 50% of what I can save you over a period of one year. That is a saving for you of 50% in the first year alone and a 100% thereafter.
For instance you are paying at the moment US$300/year for hosting. I will consult with you first, and then do the proposed transfer to another reliable hosting company that charges only lets say US$160/year. The difference is US$140/year. A one time fee of 50% of US$140 = US$70 will be charged for my services e.g. copying website, transfer domain name, new setup etc.

Is this a win-win situation? You decide.

So how do you get started?

Contact me as soon as you are ready to make an appointment.
It is that easy.

Roberto A. Winter

Save Money

Are you paying too much for web hosting? Are you struggling for uptime or are you just not getting the service that you expect for your money?
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